Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Korea Photos to be added soon

Be sure to look in the archives to find the set of Korea pictures! They were added around the 2nd of January.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Saipan -- Daily Target Superfleet Hits 4 Japanese Cities

Click on the paper to enlarge so you can read it. This newsletter was put out daily, as I remember it was printed by the Army. It kept us apprised of the war effort.
This copy was sent to me by Dave Sylvester.
If my information is not accurate, I hope someone will correct me.

Saipan -- Saipan Beacon June 16:1945

Click on the paper to enlarge so you can read it!!
This clipping was sent to us compliments of David Sylvester.

Saipan -- Meritorious Service Unit Plaque 2848th

You can click on this one to enlarge it so it can be read more easily.
This was sent to us compliments of David Sylvester.

Saipan -- Memorial Chapel U.S.Naval Base

This Memento of the Memorial Chapel was sent to me by Dave Sylvester
who served on Saipan with me.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Saipan -- Bird Island 1992

This picture of Bird Island was taken by Dave Sylvester when he returned to Saipan in 1992.

Saipan -- 2848 Gas Generating Plants 1945 and 1992

The first two pictures are of the Gas Generating Plant as it was in 1945, and the third picture was taken by Dave Sylvester when he returned to Saipan in 1992. This is the location of the Oxygen plant, and in fact, he found that the foundation of the building was still there, but the vegetation had clearly taken over the areas. Dave thank you for sharing these photos with us!

Saipan -- B-29 Base (Isley Field) 1945

Photos compliments of Dave Sylvester

Saipan -- Saipan International Airport 1992

Saipan International Airport 1992
Photo compliments of Dave Sylvester

Saipan -- 2848 Engineering Gas Generating Detail Men

Back row--Left to right: Mason, Haak, Reilly, Sylvester and ?
Front row--Left to Right: Carson, Kinzinger, and ?
If anyone looks at these pictures and can help us out with the names of those we can't identify, we would sure appreciate your help!
Photo compliments of Dave Sylvester

Saipan -- 2848 Engineer Gas Generating Plant Personnel

Dave Sylvester and George Haak
Picture compliments of Dave Sylvester

Saipan -- Chowline

Jim Thomsen (4th in line), Frank Yakopin (3rd in line),
Dick Stammer (2nd in line), Earl Kinziger (front)

Picture compliments of Dave Sylvester

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saipan -- Native homes

Saipan -- Jungle Road

Saipan -- Saipan Hospital

The Saipan Hospital (1945). Saipan Blogger tells us this is now a history museum. I appreciate his information to share this current information!

Saipan -- Eli Steinberg

Eli was a really nice young man! He transferred in after the rest of the 2848 rotated back to the states. He assisted me until all equipment was shut down and I moved in with the Engineer Headquarters "Monkey" to prepare to rotate back to the states also.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Saipan -- Coral Roads

On the island, they used coral which they quarried, much like we would use gravel for our country roads. The light pink color made the roads really stand out in this picture.

Saipan -- Coral Reef

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Saipan -- Suicide Cliff

Saipan -- Coral Roads

Saipan -- Cliffs looking home

The measurement from the floor of the Marianas Trench to
the crest of Mount Tapotchau is 37,752 feet or 7.15 statute miles,
(from sea level Mount Everest measures 29,028 feet ).
For more info on Saipan:

Saipan-- Bombed out church

Saipan -- Bird Island

Isn't this beautiful? We took these pictures initially as slides and I scanned them so that i could have digital copies. They were pretty scratched, but have cleaned up nicely, don't you think?

Saipan -- Pretty flowered tree

Saipan -- Al in front of beautiful flowering tree

Be sure to click on the picture to see it in full size! It is much prettier!!

Saipan -- Ocean cliffs

This is a note from Tami. I remember looking at these pictures of Saipan and Korea when I was younger. The beauty of this area really touched my heart, it seemed like paradise, but I remember as a child having such a hard time understanding how such beauty and the ugliness and bloodshed of war could exist side by side. I understand now, that God's creation of this world reflects His beauty and war, while it exists is not compatible with His initial purposes.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Saipan -- Al sits in front of Quanset

Saipan -- Tinian from Saipan

Saipan -- Sugar Plantation

The first picture shows a bombed sugar plantation. The statue in the second picture was at the plantation. Saipan was known for growing a very large sugar crop each year.

Saipan -- Wawaii Mars

This was a plane that brought in supplies to us on a regular basis. There were three large runways on the island, one for the Marines, the Navy and the Army. Click on the picture above to see them in full size view.

Saipan -- Spraying insects

They sprayed for insects every Monday morning! I don't remember ever seeing any mosquitos on the islands.

Saipan -- Billboards

These billboards were up all over the island. I am not sure who put them up, but if memory serves me one individual man did them all. I am not sure whether the military sponsored them or not. If anyone knows or remembers, let me know!!

Saipan -- Billboards

Saipan -- Scenery Part 1